Appendix Treatment in Ahmedabad

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, a small pouch located at the junction of the small and large intestines in the lower right abdomen. While the exact cause of appendicitis is often unclear, it is thought to occur when the appendix becomes blocked, usually by faeces, a foreign body, or an infection. This blockage can lead to bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, and eventually infection. For decades, the go-to treatment for appendicitis has been surgical removal of the appendix. However, recent advancements in medical research and technology have led to re-evaluating Appendix Treatment options. At Dr. Ram Advanced Surgical Care Hospital, we recognise the urgency and gravity of this condition and offer extraordinary Appendix Treatment in Ahmedabad. Our understanding of the critical nature of appendicitis drives our approach to care. With years of experience and expertise, our team ensures swift and precise interventions to address this emergency.

Symptoms of Appendicitis

The symptoms of Appendix inflammation or appendicitis can vary from person to person, but common signs include:

  • The most characteristic symptom of appendicitis is sudden and severe pain that starts around the navel and then moves to the lower right side of the abdomen. The pain may worsen with movement, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Many individuals with appendicitis experience a loss of appetite and may feel nauseous.
  • An elevated body temperature and chills often accompany appendicitis, indicating an inflammatory response.
  • Some people with appendicitis may experience diarrhoea or constipation, while others may have difficulty passing gas.
  • The abdomen may become swollen and tender to the touch, especially in the lower right side. Any of these symptoms when experienced, require a consultation with Appendicitis Treatment Doctors.

Causes of Appendicitis

  • Appendicitis can be triggered by infections from various sources such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites in your digestive tract.
  • Another common cause of appendicitis occurs when the tube connecting your large intestine and Appendix becomes blocked or trapped.
  • In some cases, tumours in the abdomen can lead to appendicitis. All these factors lead to discomfort and necessitate choosing the most appropriate of the different types of Appendix Surgery.

Appendix Treatment in Ahmedabad

Prompt diagnosis and Appendix Treatment are crucial to prevent complications such as a ruptured appendix, which can lead to a life-threatening infection called peritonitis. The removal of the appendix is performed under general anaesthesia and is called Appendectomy. Our surgeon specialises in both and provides Appendix Surgery in Ahmedabad using either laparoscopic (keyhole) or open surgery techniques.

  • Laparoscopic surgery, often preferred for its quicker recovery, involves making 3 or 4 small incisions in the abdomen. Special instruments, including a tube to inflate the abdomen and a laparoscope with a camera, are inserted to aid in visualising and removing the appendix. Dissolvable stitches might be used to close the incisions.
  • In cases where laparoscopic surgery is not suitable, such as when the appendix has burst or for individuals with a history of open abdominal surgery, open surgery is performed by experienced Appendix Removal Surgeons. This involves making a larger incision, usually on the lower right-hand side of the abdomen. In severe cases of peritonitis, a laparotomy may be necessary, involving a cut along the middle of the abdomen. The incisions are closed with either dissolvable or regular stitches.
  • In some cases, particularly if the appendix has not ruptured, antibiotics may be prescribed to help reduce inflammation and infection. However, antibiotics alone are not typically sufficient to treat appendicitis and may only provide temporary relief. Patients seeking Appendix Surgery in Ahmedabad can consult our experts to know the most suitable treatment for their condition.

Why Choose Dr Ram's Advanced Surgical Care?

Our hospital is staffed with the best Appendicitis Treatment Doctors having a wealth of knowledge and expertise in performing surgical procedures, including appendectomy. Our compassionate and supportive staff members provide patients with the highest care and comfort throughout their medical journey of Appendix Treatment. From well-appointed patient rooms to advanced operating theatres, we provide a conducive environment for healing and recovery.

If you or someone you care about is showing signs of appendicitis, it is crucial not to delay seeking medical help. Contact Dr Ram Advanced Surgical Care Hospital immediately to arrange a consultation with the Best Appendix Surgeon in Ahmedabad for your Appendix Surgery. Get the timely and efficient treatment you require to restore your health and wellness.