Piles Free Gujarat


It was the first effort of its sort to have a specialist handle a single ailment over the entire state. Dr.Kamlesh Ram is renowned for his perseverance, creative approaches to patient treatment, and strong work ethic. The first advanced laser therapies for anorectal conditions such Piles, Fissures, Fistulas, and Pilonidal Sinuses were introduced in Gujarat by this visionary pioneer

Facts about Piles in India

In India, one in four individuals experiences various forms of piles. Due to poor eating practises and rising daily stress levels, this statistic is rising yearly. People started believing that this illness is hereditary or genetically driven because it is so prevalent.

How Can Laser Surgery Help with Pile Problems?

More than 70% of people thought piles surgery was very unpleasant and unsatisfactory because it causes excessive pain, requires multiple dressings, necessitates a week or two of recovery rest, and may result in a lifelong problem with continence (the ability to control stool passage).

Luckily , this is no longer the case. Thanks to Dr. Kamlesh Ram's introduction of piles laser surgery in Gujarat. The process is pretty easy to follow. There is no discomfort, no dressing, and no possibility of incontinence with laser surgery because there is no cutting involved.

Recurrence was highly prevalent in the previous, conventional method of treating piles (recurrence was 20–30%), but since there is no cutting involved with laser surgery, recurrence rates are relatively low (2–3%).

We are making history - Piles Free Gujarat Campaign

After successfully treating more than 1500 piles patients across Gujarat and south Rajasthan with his laser technique, Dr. Ram had developed an innovative plan to tour throughout Gujarat to reach those who cannot access this cutting-edge method of treating the common yet troubling problem of piles.

He had carefully designed a campaign in which he spent six months travelling to 26 cities in Gujarat every Tuesday with his team of experts. He structured this campaign into two seasons, each of which had 13 episodes, one for each city. Each week, his team aimed to contact as many people as possible through marketing via print and social media before the camp date.


With no cutting, no dressing, no risk of incontinence, and lower recurrence rates, laser surgery for piles is a most advanced One Day Procedure.

Dr. Ram had travelled more than 13000 kilometres for the #PilesFreeGujarat campaign in six months and treated more than 2500 patients in 26 cities.