Understanding Hernias: Causes, Symptoms,treatments, and Surgical Solutions

Hernia is a common Surgical condition that usually occurs when a tissue or an organ/ bowel is displaced due to tear or weakening of muscles in abdominal wall. It can happen to people from all ages and genders. It is treated through Laparoscopic or conventional Open surgery. It occurs to people who suffer from chronic constipation, Chronic cough, experience problem while urinating or have poor nutrition and people who engage in heavy weight lifting.

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Causes of Hernia

Hernia is a surgical condition that develop due to various causes:

The most common cause is muscle weakness. The abdominal muscle weakens due to poor nutrition and is also related to factors such as ageing, previous surgical incisions.

Individuals who do heavy lifting or give strain to their bodies, or experience constipation and chronic coughing.

People who are obese or pregnant are also victims of hernia.

When a child is born with congenital condition, it is natural that he or she might suffer from Hernia.

Type of Hernia

Depending on the site of hernia and its mechanism of development, hernias have divided into some common types which are as below

Inguinal Hernia: common in male

Direct Inguinal hernia : common in old age male

Indirect Inguinal hernia : Its congenital and common in children or young age male

Femoral Hernia : common in female sex

Umbilical/ ParaUmbilical Hernia

Epigastric Hernia

Incisional Hernia: occurs at site of previous surgery

Lumbar hernia, Obturator hernia and few others

Symptoms of Hernia

1. A visible lump, bulge or swelling

2. Pain or some sort of discomfort while coughing, lifting or straining

3. Heaviness in your groin area or in the abdomen

4. Fever, vomiting in case of obstruction

Surgical Solutions for Hernia

When you experience such symptoms, you must get it checked in due time to reduce any risk of complications. Surgeon can diagnose it by physical examination and Ultrasound study.

Surgery is the only Solution of hernias.

1. Laparoscopic/ Robotic Surgery- In this surgery, the doctor insert camera and other specialised medical instruments using a minimally invasive technique to treat and repair the Hernia. There is a fast and easy to recovery process and it typically takes less time to perform. Less postoperative complications like wound infection.

2. Conventional Open surgery- this surgery is performed in case of larger or complex hernia.
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Complication of Hernias

If left untreated, Hernia can be life threatening emergency

Obstruction when part of bowel cant be reduced to abdominal cavity, it can be painful and comes with other gastrointestinal complication

Strangulation bowel gets obstructed and gets infected. Life threatening emergency surgical condition.


1. What is Hernia?

Hernia is a Surgical condition that usually occurs in the abdomen or groin area. It is caused due to chronic constipation, heavy lifting and poor nutrition.

2. How can Hernia be treated?

Hernia can be treated through a Laparoscopic surgery or an open surgery treatment. Laparoscopic surgery may involve a quick and easy recovery process.

3. Where can I get my Hernia treatment in Ahmedabad?

You can get your Hernia treated with the best hernia specialist in Ahmedabad, Dr. Kamlesh Ram, he is a well-known and experienced Hernia Surgeon in Ahmedabad.